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On Friday, April 27, I woke up like every other day. But it was not just “any” day. Before leaving for work, I placed an awesome new bracelet that I had just bought myself on my wrist that I had never worn before. It read this: “Nothing is worth more than this day.” Little did I know how true that statement really was.

Shortly thereafter, I arrived at work and began seeing patients until I felt oddly prompted to be checking my phone. As I reached for it, I realized it wasn’t there but back in my office. After finding it and seeing the screen light up, I realized our agency had called and was requesting a return phone call… a phone call that would FOREVER change our lives.

This 15 month awaited conversation quickly communicated that we were receiving our “referral,” one of the biggest steps in the adoption process. Our referral consisted of a precious 2 ½ year old little GIRL who is from the orphanage named “BLESSINGS.” Ok, let me stop you here for a moment… a girl??? Really??? We had requested 2 boys or a boy and girl, but thought that since so many people wanted girls and we were open to boys, then we would most likely be receiving 2 boys. Wow- God had surprised us in a great way and had made us abundantly more excited for the new adventure. Secondly, she originated from an orphanage titled, “Blessings,” as stated earlier. For several months, I have felt a deep conviction about this process being a blessing. Not a type of wow, that’s neat, sort of feeling, but an overwhelming life-long blessing that could only have come through pain and heartache. This little girl, thousands of miles away, has already done a remarkable work in our lives to bless us and hundreds who have been following this story. This type of blessing is far greater than what we ever wanted or planned. It is a divine, immeasurable gift that we are just beginning to unwrap. We hope to welcome her to safety, contentment and a refuge built by God’s love.

But there’s more! Our second referral was for a BOY. Our son is a healthy little 6 month old! I was beyond excited to know he was still so young, and I proceeded to learn that he was born on MY birthday- a beautiful depiction of how God sprinkles more of His love on those who wait upon Him. I had really been longing to have at least one “baby,” really not wanting to miss out on this special stage. God heard my prayer and I can’t wait to hold him close. His eyes are big, bright and beautiful, exhibiting his innocent nature. We already know how much we will melt when we meet him. We hope to welcome him to fresh, new beginnings and opportunities for God to triumph over all.

What comes next? We pray that God will pave an expedient path free of obstacles for both of our visits. We await notification of a court date in Ethiopia that hopefully will be the end of June or beginning of July when we will travel to meet these little ones and officially adopt them. Then, we will return home and await clearance by the US Embassy to allow us to return to Ethiopia around the end of August or beginning of September to pick them up and come home!!!

In the meantime, we happily prepare for their homecoming through prayer and saving more funds. We still need about $10,000-$12,000 to finish up the adpotion & take care of travel expenses for both of these trips. We know God has provided all of our needs up until this point and we have no doubt that He will continue to do so. Please join with us as we move forward in humility and gratitude for the greatness that awaits!

3 Responses to “The Call We’ve Been Waiting For…”

  1. on 01 May 2012 at 12:10 ammaria perez

    I am sooooo very happy for you both Kendra. Through all your pain of heartache and waiting, I truly believe you felt the pains of childbirth (in a different way of course). You went through the waiting period like any other mother would, asking yourself, “What will they look like?” and “Is it going to be a girl or a boy?” or in your case two boys? When you give and give of yourself in the way I have witnessed you do unto others, day after day with a personality that lights up a room, I had no doubt in my mind that God would honor that and give you the desires of your heart. It is just all in his perfect timing. A prayer may be delayed, but never denied as long as you abide in him. I thank God for what he has done and thank him in advance for what he is about to do as we ALL will witness and have witnessed the hand of GOD MOVE!!! ALL GLORY TO GOD!! I can’t wait to meet your BLESSINGS!!

  2. on 01 May 2012 at 9:45 amMaribel

    Incredible. Congratulations! Wow, once again I get to see how God is in control of everything, even the smallest things in our life. Thank you for sharing this wonderful, uplifting, miracle that God has granted both you & your husband. God is surely working behind the scenes-he works all day everyday & is everywhere with everyone. Once again congratulations.

  3. on 04 May 2012 at 1:53 pmCandy Davis

    Dearest Kendra,

    I just read thru some of the posts on your blog and am so blessed by your faith during disappointments, your trust and waiting on the Lord all the while that your arms are feeling so empty of the baby that you long to hold and love, and your hope that, indeed, in spite of it all, your God will make a way where there is no way.
    And isn’t it just like HIM to give you a daughter from Blessings and a son with the same birthday. His thumbprint is all over this! All I can say is, “Wow, how very wonderful He is and how great is His love and compassion for His children!” I rejoice with you and am excited for you to meet and hold these precious children that the Lord has chosen just for you.


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