The Colors of Our Adoption

The Ethiopian flag consists of three horizontal stripes of green, yellow and red. A light-blue emblem in the center features a five-pointed star. The green stripe symbolizes the fertility of Ethiopian lands, the yellow stripe symbolizes the country’s religious freedom, and the red stands for the blood sacrificed to maintain Ethiopia’s freedom. The five-pointed star is a symbol of the unity of the country’s many different regions and ethnic groups.

As many know, we chose to design one of our adoption T-shirts with these flag colors as a way to represent Ethiopia. We love and admire the ideas and reasons these colors were chosen and the importance they are to the people. Just to be a little creative, I’ve chosen these colors to represent things for us and our adoption of these two little ones.

Green stands for growth. As we reflected on Thanksgiving about the things that we were thankful for, one of the things that we found ourselves most impressed with was the growth and change that has taken place in both of us this last year. At the dinner table last year, we found ourselves burdened and heavy laden with disappointment and loss. We felt as if we were spinning in circles or worse yet, going backwards. This year, we have sensed a profound movement in the forward direction, and though we are not at a “destination”, we sense our branches extending towards the sunlight. It is obvious to us that this process is completely necessary to “grow” us. We started the adoption paperwork in January this year and have officially been on the wait-list 4 months now. We may hear something from our agency next month or several months from now.  We simply do not know. God will determine when the referral will come. It will not be a minute too soon nor a minute too late.

Yellow stands for friendship. The friendships that have started, developed and flourished because of this adoption have been amazing. There are truly people from so many facets of our lives that have supported us through this process.  Whether it has been through emails, letters, messages, buying raffle tickets or T-shirts or coming to several fitness events (so you could suffer for days!), truly amazes us.  People we’ve only met once or heard of our cause from friends or just simply want to help, have combined to be an army of compassion and strength for us.  Our family members are so encouraging, and many of them will travel with us when the time comes. At this point in our adoption, we have been able to raise $17,000 because of YOU, our FRIENDS.  We can’t thank you enough!!!

Red stands for passion.  We can honestly say we are passionate about this adoption.  Every day that gets closer seems to fuel the flame a little brighter, a little stronger, a little hotter for our desire to meet, hold and love the children God has hand selected for us.  We find ourselves being so overwhelmed by God’s graciousness in adopting us as his children and we can’t wait to extend this gift in a similar fashion.  I’m sure as soon as they arrive, we will find ourselves in chaos and exhaustion, but for some amazing reason we’ve already told each other, “I hope we can do this all over again one day.”  Only God gives you passion like that.

The blue pointed star stands for unity.  We pray that the transition from the two of us to the four of us will be a smooth process.  That we would find unity with each other and as a family.  That we would connect to others who have adopted or are in the process so that our children will have a sense of belonging to others in their community.  We are praying for patience, peace and perserverence for all the unknowns of the future.  We’re praying and ask you to also pray for our babies’ health, emotional stability, sharp minds, an understanding that they are deeply loved and most of all an openness to Jesus.

The colors green, yellow, red and blue are truly a beautiful combination.

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