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It’s a Beautiful Thing… This thing they call parenting. Well, maybe it didn’t start that way, exactly. Our reunion with the kids in August was bittersweet. We adored seeing their faces again and realizing how much they had grown in two brief months. It was amazing, we were finally here together, forever! More smiles, more […]

June 11, 2012 This was most certainly a day that will forever change our lives. It filled us with wonder and bonded us together forever… It started with an early morning, restless, unable to sleep after such long travel and anticipation. We meandered down to the grassy courtyard and ate poolside, taking in new smells […]

On Friday, April 27, I woke up like every other day. But it was not just “any” day. Before leaving for work, I placed an awesome new bracelet that I had just bought myself on my wrist that I had never worn before. It read this: “Nothing is worth more than this day.” Little did […]

Dim lighting, cool damp walls, thick musky aromas…a prison cell. Lonely, uncomfortable, overwhelming. Death hovering like a shadow. No promises of tomorrow. And yet Paul a soldier for Jesus sits in this cell thousands of years ago and writes in his letter to the Philippians in the Bible, “Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS; again I […]

We all must wait…

As many of you know, I work as a physician assistant in an orthopaedic surgery/ practice and have been blessed to touch the lives of hundreds of patients over the last 4 years. This process is a bit tricky. Patients come in to the office, sign in at the front desk, fill out all the […]

Today January 18, 2012, marks 1 year or 52 weeks or 365 days or 8,760 hours or 525,600 minutes or 31,536,000 seconds of time since we started this adoption process. (and 6 months on the official wait list!) This period of time included filling out applications, fingerprinting, talking to a social worker, retrieving every important […]

The Ethiopian flag consists of three horizontal stripes of green, yellow and red. A light-blue emblem in the center features a five-pointed star. The green stripe symbolizes the fertility of Ethiopian lands, the yellow stripe symbolizes the country’s religious freedom, and the red stands for the blood sacrificed to maintain Ethiopia’s freedom. The five-pointed star […]

Fundraiser Update

A sincere thanks goes out to all of you who have ordered shirts/tank tops or sweatshirts in the last 2 weeks. As of today Tommy and I have sold 163 shirts total! Thank you so much for your support! Your constant encouragement and financial support has truly touched us and has allowed this process to […]

It’s kind of hard to believe that exactly one year ago on our anniversary, July 1, Tommy and I were mourning our second miscarriage.  Stunned, lifeless, angry, and so very sad.  What in the world were we going to do now?  We had just spent our last pennies on the second IVF procedure and read […]

The Artichoke

Over the last few months, I have grown to see the power of the process not only throughout this adoption but also through life itself. Growth is essentially time creating beauty. Often, the hidden treasures of this life are revealed after a painful process of God peeling away the unnecessary and ugly parts of our […]

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