Do you drink coffee?

Ground to Cup CoffeeEnjoy your daily coffee & support our adoption at the same time! We have partnered with Ground to Cup Coffee to continue our adoption fundraising efforts. Ground to Cup Coffee will donate 40% of all sales purchased from our Higgins Family Adoption Online Store. This is high quality, fair trade coffee that is freshly roasted in small batches. Please let all your coffee loving friends know about our Ground to Cup Coffee Higgins Family Adoption Online Store.

Since coffee likely originated in Ethiopia and is a significant part of the Ethiopian economy, culture, & history, partnering with Ground to Cup Coffee is an exciting way for us to raise money for our adoption of 2 children from Ethiopia.

Coffee is one of the world’s most valuable commodities. Some estimate it is the second most valuable after oil. Over 100 million people in developing countries depend on coffee as their main source of income, particularly in African and Central/South American countries. Coffee is the world’s most popular beverage except for water. Over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day.

Is this you? Give me the bean juice…

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